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I will happily work with everything and anything a production can get its hands on - even better if it's brand spanking new technology!  However, I keep a complete camera department in my back pocket because there's always a need for urgent tests and rush shoots.  When you're sent last minute across the globe to a remote location to capture the super duper important event, it's good to know that the batteries you have will not fail mid-charge; that the firmware in the camera is stable; that the lenses match and the remote follow focus doesn't have backlash. Rentals are awesome when you have plenty of time to validate that everything works the way you want it to.  In my work, that time is a luxury I am rarely given, so... I own a lot of dependable, proven gear.


My toys are here (2D catalog) and here (3D catalog).  Although I occasionally help buddies in trouble, I do not operate a rental business; camera houses are much better equipped to deal with those logistics than I am.


Everything I own is designed for travel, with standardized cases and all the needed paperwork for international shipping. It's packaged in kits, which contain everything needed to operate in almost any weather, anywhere on the planet, even if there is no power available where the shoot takes place (see what a typical day at the office looks like below).  Each kit includes all the required cables, accessories, cards, etc... Because if there's one point I have in common with most producers, it's that we don't like surprises in the field.


It's not a bad thing at all to be a former aerospace engineer.  I design, manufacture and patent rig technologies for my own needs as well as the needs of my clients' special projects.  Also love to modify generic equipment to make it more robust, reduce setup time, increase reliability, adapt to hostile environments, etc...

You want to dolly in the middle of a jungle, where you cannot set tracks?  Got a rig for that.  Need hyper-stereo shots of an ultra wide vista, with cameras several feet apart?  Yup, got a rig for that.  Want to shoot multiple frame rates simultaneously? Got a rig for that (see below) too! Want to use an Arri matte box on a GoPro?  Yes, I do have a rig for that. If you need it and I don't have it, I'll design and build it with great pleasure!

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