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My professional passions are Digital Cinematography and Advanced Imaging.  I love to use cutting edge technologies to push the boundaries of our medium (although, occasionally, I secretly long for stable gear and predictable environments).

On top of conventional 2K and 4K cinematography, I cause trouble in the fields of High Dynamic Range, High Frame Rates and Wide Color Gamuts, delivered at 4K and 8K resolutions, for Laser Theatrical, UHD, Virtual Reality, Giant Screens and Digital Domes, in 2D and Stereo 3D.

My academic background is in Engineering.  After 10 years in aerospace, I was foolish enough to follow my heart and transition into the world of film and television. I entered this crazy business by engineering 3D camera systems and workflows, then expanding to digital production and post-production.  After 15 years of supporting Hollywood and indies all over our fragile and beautiful planet, I'm starting to get the hang of my role as a bridge between the creative and technical worlds.

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